Christmas Parvo Puppies Update

Thank you so much to everyone who donated to help the Parvo Puppies.

We are happy to report that all 6 puppies have gone home with their foster parents and they are all doing well (eating, drinking, and acting like puppies)!

To our generous donors who make saving lives like these possible and to Buck Lake Animal Hospital and Animal Aid – Spay & Neuter Center for providing the crucial care to these deserving pups, we are very grateful!

The puppies will continue recuperating for the next few weeks until they are strong enough to be spayed/neutered and made available for adoption.

PLEASE NOTE REGARDING ADOPTION: Several of these puppies are likely to be adopted by their foster parents. Those that are not adopted by their foster parents will be posted to our website when they are ready for adoption. If you would like to submit your application for this group of puppies early, you may use this customized Adoption Application link. Early applications will be processed once the puppies are ready for adoption.