Christmas Puppies Need Your Help

UPDATE: The Parvo Puppies are all on the road to recovery! Read more here.

Just two days after Christmas, the front porch and parking lot of the Leon County Humane Society were filled with animal lovers braving the night’s rain awaiting the arrival of their new foster pups. Earlier that day 15 dogs made the 6 hour trip to Tallahassee from a poorly funded and overcrowded shelter in Louisiana that, unable to find help locally, had reached out for help just days prior. The dogs and puppies were greeted one by one with warm hugs and kisses from their new foster families who stepped up to save their lives.

Sadly, the rescue world is an unpredictable one. Every animal that LCHS commits to brings with it a risk of undetected illness or injury. Within days of placement in their foster homes, 6 of these 15 dogs were suddenly fighting for their lives against a deadly case of parvo virus. These 6, now aptly named the Parvo Puppies, are receiving around the clock veterinary care in the hopes that every one of them will survive.

This crucial care comes at a cost. The first two puppies fell ill on New Years Eve and emergency veterinary care on a holiday came at a whopping cost of $1,500. The extent of care for these 6 puppies is growing and we need your help. Please consider making a donation toward the Parvo Puppies campaign to help save these deserving dogs and the hundreds who will follow in their tiny footsteps in 2019. Thank you!

If you choose to donate via check, indicate that the intent of your donation is the Parvo Puppies campaign. Donations made to Leon County Humane Society will be used where the need is greatest including toward the Parvo Puppies’ care.

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