Amazon Wishlist

Amazon makes it easy to donate supplies! We have a few amazon wishlists up, covering various needs at our office and within our program.

Pet Food Pantry – This list is comprised of several different kinds of lower cost pet food, and generally goes toward filling our Community Pet Food Pantry. The Pet Food Pantry is available to anyone in the community and has helped many people who have fallen on hard times, especially in the last year. The pantry ensures that people are able to feed their pets while getting on their feet, and their beloved pets can stay in loving homes.

Kitten Season – This list has many of the items used for newborn and young kittens who come in orphaned. We rescue hundreds of kittens each year, and it feels that we go through these supplies in the blink of an eye. Many of these items make all the difference for kittens in dire situations.

Puppies – Recently LCHS has seen an uptick in puppies being brought into our care. We have a very limited amount of puppy supplies on hand and we make sure each of our fosters are equipped with everything they need to set their puppies up for success. Your donations help them get there.

Office – Many forget that although we spend most of our time working with animals, we have office related needs as well! This list includes things that we use every day that allow us to work efficiently and focus on animals in our care.

Tally Cat Cafe – Our Community Adoption Partner houses anywhere from 15-20 of our cats at one time. They’ve performed over 1,000 adoptions since they opened in May 2018, and this list contains items that they can use for their many foster cats to help them find their forever homes.

All orders can be shipped to our location, 413 Timberlane Road, Tallahassee FL, 32312. If you order through Amazon Smile, we also get a bonus donation from amazon, and that’s true for any shopping you do! Just start at and select Leon County Humane Society as your charity. These lists are not a complete list of absolutely everything we would love, so if you see something off these lists you think we’d appreciate, you’re probably right!


Thank you for your support! If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at