Letter from the Executive Director

You’ve asked and waited, but we’re sad to announce that the 2020 LCHS Dog Wash season, as well as the annual LCHS Fur Ball, will not be taking place this year. Although COVD19 forced us to cancel the first half of Dog Wash season, we were hopeful for the remaining months. Following last year’s Fur Ball, we stepped into 2020 enthusiastically planning this year’s theme: Second Chance Prom. Unfortunately, LCHS events aren’t immune to the wrath of COVID19.  

Ready for the good news??? Even through a pandemic, you’ve helped us continue saving strong! While most of our fundraising endeavors, including Paws Fur A Cause, Bottle Baby Shower, Dog Wash, and Fur Ball have been cancelled; you’ve continued to give generously, saving almost 600 lives this year, and improving many more.   

We saw Tally Cat Cafe transformed into a 24/7 kitten nursery. You helped us crush our fundraising goal for the Paw Prints Calendar Contest. Pet food donations continue to be delivered – meeting the needs of pets in our community whose families have been impacted. What’s that boil down to? Together, we’re saving lives and keeping pets in loving homes!  

The year’s not over yet and we’ll need your continued support to keep saving strong for the remainder of 2020. Stay tuned to see the measure of impact we’re creating together, and how TOGETHER, we can do more good in 2020. 

With Love and Gratitude, 

Lisa Glunt