Meet the Dogs of Proctor Paws Fur A Cause!

Join us on Saturday, March 16th from 10am-2pm at Proctor Subaru Tallahassee for a brand new adoption event – Proctor Paws Fur A Cause!

This fun adoption event and pet fair will feature an hour of Goat & Bunny Yoga at 9am (registration begins at 8:15am), giveaways, selfie station, K9 demos, great food and much more.

Looking to adopt a dog at the event?

All of the Biggest Little Dog Rescues who have not found homes with their foster parents will be at Paws Fur A Cause, as will many of the other adoptable dogs in our program. A comprehensive list of the dogs we expect to attend can be found below, ordered by breed.

To make the adoption process as smooth as possible, PLEASE NOTE:

  1. If you currently own any animals, plan to bring a copy of up-to-date veterinarian records for those pets to the event with you.
  2. If you rent your home, plan to bring proof of authorization to have pets in your home, i.e, a copy of your rental agreement/lease that states a number of allowed pets.
  3. We are not able to accept applications for any of the dogs before the event, please plan to complete an adoption application at the event. You may also print the application out if you wish to complete it beforehand and bring it with you.
  4. Dog adoption fees are $250-$300.
  5. All of our adoptable dogs are spayed/neutered, up-to-date on shots, microchipped, dewormed, deflead, etc. Many of the Biggest Little Dog Rescues have had necessary dental cleanings/extractions as well as other vet care for various conditions.
  6. Your Adoption Team Member at the event can tell you more about the specific dogs you are interested in. Look for Adoption Team Members in pink shirts in the main showroom of Proctor Subaru when you arrive.

The Dogs of Proctor Paws Fur A Cause

This gallery is just a sample of the dogs, please see the table below for full list of dogs.

NameBreedSizeSexAgeHouse Trained?
ChichulaAmerican Bulldog/American Staffordshire TerrierMediumFemale6 years 10 months.Yes
BubbaAmerican Bulldog/American Staffordshire TerrierLargeMale3 years 9 months.Yes
MNXAmerican Bulldog/American Staffordshire TerrierLargeMale10 years 5 months.Yes
LunaAmerican Bulldog/Mixed BreedLargeFemale10 months.Yes
CaseyAmerican Staffordshire TerrierLargeFemale5 years 2 months.No
PowderAmerican Staffordshire TerrierLargeFemale2 years 0 months.Yes
LukeAustralian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler/Australian ShepherdMediumMale6 months.No
Sir Chance IIIAustralian ShepherdMediumMale1 year 0 months.No
SylvieBlack Mouth Cur/Belgian Shepherd MalinoisLargeFemale18 weeks.No
PickettBorder CollieMediumFemale9 months.No
MooseBoston TerrierSmallMale1 year 0 months.No
BaileyBoxerLargeFemale2 years 2 months.Yes
BBBoxerLargeFemale10 years 4 months.Yes
ForestBoxer/American Staffordshire TerrierLargeMale1 year 2 months.Yes
DelilahCane Corso MastiffLargeFemale2 years 11 months.Yes
EllaChihuahuaSmallFemale5 years 0 months.No
BagelChihuahuaSmallFemale8 weeks.No
WafflesChihuahuaSmallFemale8 weeks.No
FlowerChihuahuaSmallFemale2 – 5 years.No
BrownieChihuahuaSmallFemale2 – 5 years.No
FoxyChihuahuaSmallFemale2 – 5 years.No
GizmoChihuahuaSmallFemale5 years 0 months.No
LadyChihuahuaSmallFemale2 – 5 years.No
SadieChihuahuaSmallFemale2 – 5 years.No
MimosaChihuahuaSmallFemale1 year 7 months.No
MercyChihuahuaSmallFemale3 years 0 months.No
BaconChihuahuaSmallMale8 weeks.No
OatmealChihuahuaSmallMale8 weeks.No
RenChihuahuaSmallMale2 – 5 years.No
SmittyChihuahuaSmallMale1 year 1 month.No
RiverChihuahuaSmallMale3 years 0 months.No
MaddieCocker SpanielMediumFemale2 – 5 years.No
BambiCocker SpanielMediumFemale2 – 5 years.No
MatthewCocker SpanielMediumMale2 – 5 years.No
SparkleDachshundSmallFemale2 – 5 years.No
LilaDachshundSmallFemale2 – 5 years.No
StuartDachshundSmallMale1 year 0 months.No
SugarEnglish Pointer/American Staffordshire TerrierMediumFemale1 year 1 month.Yes
AryaHoundMediumFemale4 years 1 month.Yes
SargeHound/ShepherdLargeMale1 year 0 months.No
BreezyLhasa ApsoSmallFemale6 year 0 months.No
JetLhasa ApsoSmallMale2 – 5 years.No
Marley 2Lhasa ApsoSmallMale2 – 5 years.No
DarcieMalteseSmallFemale2 – 5 years.No
GoldieMalteseSmallFemale2 – 5 years.No
BowieMalteseSmallMale2 – 5 years.No
DonovanPekingeseSmallMale3 years 0 months.No
TobiPomeranianSmallFemale2 – 5 years.No
SmoochiePomeranianSmallFemale2 – 5 years.No
SandyPomeranianSmallFemale2 – 5 years.No
MortimerPomeranianSmallMale2 – 5 years.No
TannerPomeranianSmallMale2 – 5 years.No
TazPomeranianSmallMale2 – 5 years.No
JoeyPomeranianSmallMale4 years 0 months.No
PalmerPomeranianSmallMale2 years 0 months.No
TinaPoodleSmallFemale2 – 5 years.No
MopsyPoodleSmallFemale5 years 0 months.No
SamPoodleSmallMale2 – 5 years.No
KnightPoodleSmallMale2 – 5 years.No
JulesPoodleSmallMale2 – 5 years.No
DukePoodleSmallMale2 – 5 years.No
VincePoodleSmallMale2 – 5 years.No
Ronaldo (Rolo)PoodleSmallMale1 year 6 months.No
PatsySchnauzerSmallFemale2 – 5 years.No
SkySchnauzerSmallFemale2 – 5 years.No
JaneShepherdLargeFemale2 years 0 months.Yes
AmyShih TzuSmallFemale6 years 0 months.No
SpunkyShih TzuSmallFemale2 – 5 years.No
MillerShih TzuSmallMale2 – 5 years.No
ChesterShih TzuSmallMale3 years 0 months.No
ColeShih TzuSmallMale3 years 0 months.No
RagsSilky TerrierSmallMale5 years 0 months.No
BritneySilky Terrier/PoodleSmallFemale5 years 0 months.No
DominoTerrierSmallFemale2 – 5 years.No
CocoTerrierSmallFemale2 – 5 years.No
OscarTerrierSmallMale2 – 5 years.No
WilhelminaYorkshire Terrier YorkieSmallFemale2 – 5 years.No
SuzyYorkshire Terrier YorkieSmallFemale2 – 5 years.No
HunterYorkshire Terrier YorkieSmallMale2 – 5 years.No