More than Rescue – Manuel

**Warning – Graphic images**Manuel arrived at LCHS just days old along with his siblings and mother. The finder had discovered them in her car, and Manuel had clearly suffered an injury from the engine. When vets at Paws & Claws Veterinary Hospital saw him, they gasped.

It’s very uncommon to see a kitten this young sustaining this kind of injury and surviving, but despite the swollen, hot, infected leg he was loud, well fed, and seemed strong. The mother of the litter had clearly worked hard to keep her babies healthy, and with them all finally safe and in the hands of vets, it was as if she finally relaxed, and it became clear she was actually very ill with what turned out to be Bobcat Fever. The mother was hospitalized, and vets anxiously prepped for Manuel’s amputation.

Doing surgery on a neonatal kitten is risky. They might not survive sedation, they might not survive the surgery, his infection might have been too advanced, and just in general, neonatal kittens are fragile. But, just like his mom fought to keep them all healthy until the kittens were safe and in good hands, Manuel was a fighter, and he got through surgery thanks to the team of incredible vets, and then thanks to his foster, grew up just like a normal kitten.

The ability to save kittens like him, that otherwise wouldn’t have a chance, and the ability to take risks to give them the opportunity to fight, is all thanks to our donors and supporters. It’s thanks to you that we can give these animals a chance, it’s thanks to you we can provide these emergency surgeries, and it’s thanks to you that Manuel, his siblings, and his mother all pulled through and are on their way to leading happy and healthy lives in their forever homes.

So thank you, from all of us, and especially Manuel.

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