Shelter Animals Count

The National Database Project

The Leon County Humane Society is excited to partner with Shelter Animals Count.

“Shelter Animals Count exists to create an effective infrastructure for complete and accurate shelter reporting to truly understand the risk factors, use this data to implement effective strategies and positively impact all lifesaving efforts.”

LCHS began reporting to Shelter Animals Count in August 2016 and will be reporting monthly. Visit for more information.

Year-to-Date Statistics

The following statistics for the Leon County Humane Society detail the number of animals who enter and leave our foster program in various ways. Below, please find the year-to-date numbers, along with historical data from previous years. A key for what each category means can be found below.

Through 3/2020DogsPuppiesCatsKittensTotal
Beginning Animal Count (1/1/2020)1919
Live Intakes
Stray/ At Large0
Relinquished by Owner564351120270
Other intakes0001313
Transferred in from Agency31232152127
Total Live Intake10069100258527
Returned to Owner00000
Transferred to another agency00101
Died in Care00022
Lost in Care00000
Euthanized – Behavior10102
Euthanized – Medical303511
Total Outcomes11862124195499
Ending Animal Count (10/31/2019)2064860101
Annual Live Release Rate*97%

* The Annual Live Release Rate does not include dogs and cats that died or were lost in the shelter/care.

Category Key

  • Cats – Felines 6 months and older
  • Kittens – Felines up to 5 months
  • Dogs – Canines 6 months and older
  • Puppies – Canines up to 5 months

Intake Types

  • Owner surrender – An animal which is given up by its owner.
  • Stray – Admitted through animal control/stated to be unowned or free-roaming.
  • Return – An animal returned by their adopter.
  • Transferred – Transferred out of the agency’s possession to another entity.

Outcome Types

  • Adoption – An animal that is placed permanently with a person for the purpose of being a companion.
  • Died in Care – Animals who die while sheltered. At LCHS, the majority of these animals are neonatal kittens who enter our foster program in weak/sick condition after being orphaned and on their own for too long and fail to thrive despite our best efforts.
  • Euthanized – Behavior – An animal that is aggressive or displays behaviors that make it unsafe to rehome.
  • Euthanized – Medical – An animal that is diagnosed with a medical condition that is untreatable or would reduce quality of life to an inhumane level.
  • Transferred – Animals that are sent to a rescue or shelter that will assure their placement.
  • Live Release Rate = Adoptions + All Outgoing Transfers + Return to Owner/Guardian divided by Total Outcomes excluding owner/guardian requested euthanasia (unhealthy and untreatable), and dogs and cats that died or were lost in the shelter/care.

Yearly Data Matrices

Monthly Data Matrices