Adoption Process

Making the Right Match

LCHS believes in a match-making approach during the application process. That approach takes into consideration an applicant’s home environment, work schedule, and extracurricular interests. We then match the applicant with an animal who will fit in well with their lifestyle. We do not adopt on a first-come, first-served basis.

The majority of animals in our program reside in foster homes. Our foster families are dedicated volunteers often juggling work, school, and schedules of their own while caring for their foster pet(s). Because of this, our adoption process can take anywhere from a day to upwards of a week.

We hope you will agree that, while our process can take a bit longer than others, the investment is worthwhile! Our process allows you to communicate with a person who has lived with, cared for, and loved the animal you are considering, which allows you to make an informed decision and a lifelong match!

Each situation, adopter, and animal requires a different approach. While we reserve the right to refuse any adoption, we always make every effort to address any concerns and/or help you find the most appropriate companion.

Adopting a companion animal from LCHS involves a few steps:

  1. View our adoptable animals and select the pet(s) you are interested in meeting. During this step, you may also want to read about our adoption fees, and what’s included in the adoption package.
  2. Complete an Adoption Application.
  3. Upon approval of your Adoption Application, the animal’s foster parent will contact you to answer any questions you may have, discuss what you are looking for in a pet, and make arrangements for you to meet the animal.
  4. Following a meet-and-greet with the animal, and if you and the foster parent feel that it is a good match, you will then contact the appropriate Program Coordinator to finalize the adoption paperwork at our office.
  5. Enjoy your new furry companion!