We’re All Animal Lovers!

The most reliable way to get in touch with any of our staff members is through email. You can also contact us via phone at (850) 224-9193 during office hours.

Lisa Glunt

Executive Director

Our Executive director is also Mom to teenage boys, Noah and Gabriel, and wife to devoted LCHS Volunteer, Donnie. She's an FSU alum with a soft spot in her heart for squish faced bulldogs.
The Leon County Humane Society has been her second home for 11 years. Prior to LCHS, she worked in an open admission animal shelter for 6 years. She takes exceptional pride in her work at LCHS and the countless lives (both two-legged and four) touched by the organization, along with the people who work alongside her.


Amy Raddar

Dog Foster Program Coordinator

I have owned dogs all my life. I have a great respect for the love and loyalty these animals provide to their owners, and I am a staunch advocate for the humane treatment of all animals.

I have a special fondness for bulldog breeds, especially pit bulls, because these breeds are often misunderstood, mishandled, and misrepresented in the media. I have actively participated in statewide programs to educate the public about the crime of dog fighting, to rescue dogs from fight rings, and to offer a cash reward in Florida for tips and information that lead to the arrest of individuals who operate and/or participate in dog fighting rings. The most important job I have is rescuing dogs from shelters and cruelty situations.


Kayla Smith

Cat Program Coordinator

Kayla was surrounded by animals her whole life. As a kid, her family had dogs, horses, and a variety of small critters. While attending FSU, she fostered dogs through several rescues and worked part-time at a dog daycare. After graduating, she spent several years working at an animal shelter. There, she found herself drawn towards the cats, especially the fearful ones who were so often overlooked. She fell in love with the medical aspect of the job and left the shelter to work as a veterinary/surgery technician at Los Robles Animal Hospital. Despite loving her clinic, she missed rescue. She is thrilled to get back to her rescue roots while still being able to utilize some of the skills she learned in the veterinary field.

Kayla lives with her three rescue cats: Mugen, Chai, and Jake. She is pictured here with her beloved and deeply missed 'soulmutt', a rescued Chow/Heeler mix named Lana.


Tally Cat Cafe

Volunteer Coordinator

Courtney originally partnered with Leon County Humane Society in 2017 when she co-founded Tally Cat Café and helped expand the cat program. Since then, she has fostered and helped find homes for over 1500 cats, a handful of dogs, and foster failed twice!
Now, Courtney is our Volunteer and Engagement Coordinator and she could not imagine a career outside of rescue. She is a lover of all animals and particularly enjoys helping acclimate cats and dogs that need extra reassurance and compassion.
Courtney and her husband currently are the proud parents of four cats and a dog, all of which they have either personally rescued as strays or have adopted from Leon County Humane Society.


Katie Stryker

Graphic Design and Marketing Coordinator

Katie acts not only as our Graphic Design and Marketing Coordinator, but also as Co-Owner at Tally Cat Cafe, our adoption partner. She spends most of her time helping get cats adopted, working on art and design projects, and documenting rescue stories.
She developed our current logo and acts behind the scenes, working hard to highlight all of the incredible work our team does while telling the stories of those without voices, managing campaigns, and putting the fun in fundraising.