Status: Adopted

Born: March 5, 2022

Age: 0y 7m 0d

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: $250

Breed: Mixed Breed

Color: Buff

Size: Large

Location: Adopted

Bella has been adopted!

Hi, I’m Bella…I guess you can say I’m Royalty, as my Mom is Queen and my Dad Is Prince!I am a combo pup… I have some Lab, Staffordshire Terrier and a little something else, but my foster mom did a DNA so we should know pretty soon everything that I am. I was born on March the 5th, 2022 and I was the only girl in the group so I’m a pretty tough girl but a can show my girly side and do a little whining too to get what I want. I am cute and pretty smart and learned my name quickly and mostly come when called. I have an over bite that is really cute but you may experiece more of my teeth than a normal dog when my mouth is closed. I have started sitting for a “cookie” and if taken out regularly I go potty outside on command using the words ‘ Go pee potty” but if inside to long I go on a pee pad. I Love toys and Bones a lot but I also love sticks and leaves. I enjoy playing with my brothers as we run around the yard and chase each other and knock each other over. My puppy teeth are pretty sharp and I am learning not to chew with the use of bitter apple and a spray bottle. I like to be held and give great kisses, but will probably get to big to just pick up and carry as my mom is 48 lbs. and my dad is 65lbs. Hopefully since I’m a girl I will be smaller than my brothers and I will be on the lighter side, I am 20 lbs right now. I want a home where my new family will love me, play with me and take me on walks so I can stretch my legs. I am used to being in an open crate and play yard with my brothers… so if adopted alone I may whine a little till I get used to being by myself but if you take 2 of us It would be so much fun! I have had a steady stream of visitors every day and run out to greet them by standing on my hind legs to be picked up. I like to pose for pictures and crawl up into flower pots and sit! I have been in a kiddie pool the last few weeks too and I put my head under the water so I might be a swimmer one day! I have been around cats (and gotten popped) bigger than me. I have a Maltipoo Friend who visits every day and we run and chase each other and I am getting braver with my foster moms 3 big dogs behind the fence anyway, give me a few weeks and I be running the fence with them. I would say I could be with a family with kids as long as everyone knows that I have Puppy teeth right now that are sharp and like to jump up so small kids may not understand that as I continue to grow and may knock them down (but none of it on purpose it just me being a puppy.) I need a fenced in yard as sometimes my nose get the best of me and I wonder a little farther than I should if not paying attention to me. Right now I am eating 3 meals a day and 1 cup each meal as I am growing so fast, I use a slow feeder bowl as I eat really fast and it makes me slow down and enjoy my meal. Don’t worry my foster mom says I can take it with me and any of my favorite toys too! I have worn a harness and I am just starting to learn about the leash. I am a great puppy and looking forward to meeting my forever family that will love me for the great dog I will grow up to be.