Status: Adopted

Born: March 5, 2022

Age: 0y 8m 23d

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: $250

Breed: Mixed Breed

Color: Tan

Size: Large

Location: Adopted

Bruiser has been adopted!

Hi my name is Bruiser AKA Buddy… I was the biggest in the beginning I guess thats why I got my name but now I am just an average guy but that ok too... I was born on March 5, 2022 to my mom Queen and dad Prince.. I guess I’m kinda like royalty. I had blue eyes that have turned several colors but have ended up green/golden. I have the most laid back personality. I have really big paws and a big heart. I am always the last to greet people, and come when called because I usually am chasing a huge magnolia leave that is blowing thru the yard. Just the sound of that leave and I am mesmerized for at least 15 minutes till something else happens. I am a combo pup Staffordshire terrier, lab, and maybe a little beagle too! I look just like my dad so I will probably be a big boy….a 65 pounder!( right now I am 25lbs) But let me tell you how sweet I am. I like to be picked up and jump in your lap, and I will always give you a kiss. Now don’t get me wrong I love to play with my siblings and we play hard and then we sleep hard too! I am open crate and pen trained and if taken outside every 5-6 hours will go outside but if it’s longer I go on the puppy pads. I love toys and bones and if the neighbors stay long enough with their daily visits I do go over and see them and love the maltipoo that visits every day and I have been around cats, small dogs and am learning to like big dogs thru the fence. I like to play in the large water bowl and splash the water out but I have graduated to a kiddie pool and that’s even better. I am a smart one too, I know my name and the word “cookie” means if I come when called and get in the pen I’ll get one! I use a slow feeder to eat as we guys eat fast so that helps us enjoy our 3 meals a day. I am growing so I am eating 3 cups a day right now. My foster mom says I can take my bowl and any toys I want so don’t worry about that stuff. Since I like to kinda just wonder off looking for leaves and sticks I would need a yard with a fence to keep me safe but I really love the AC and if really hot, I lay in front of the fan. I have puppy teeth so I am chewing and will be big so I might jump on a smaller kid and knock them down but I wouldn’t mean to just excited to see them. I have had a harness on but I am just starting to learn about a leash to walk. I would love a family that would love me thru the puppy stage to help me be the Best grown up dog ever.