Status: Available

Born: March 5, 2022

Age: 1y 3m 5d

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: $250

Breed: Mixed Breed

Color: Tan

Size: Large

Location: Foster Home

Hi my name is Buster… I look just like my dad so I will probably be a big boy around 75+ lbs. I am American Pitbull Terrier, with a little Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, boxer, and a few other things from my DNA test. I was born on March 5th, 2022. I love to give kisses and little love bites. I am so smart I learned my name and to come when called quickly and I sit for “cookies”! I love toys and bones and sticks. I live with 2 cats and 3 small and 3 big dogs…I am crate trained (for my safety and your things as I do sometimes chew wood) and I am Potty trained. I do love to go outside and potty when I’m told to go pee potty and I love hearing good boy Buster. I do dig holes…. I will apologize in advance for that…Just ask me do you want a “cookie”? and I’m the first one in the door from playing outside, and I do eat a lot right now 2 cups 2 times a day as I’m a growing boy! I do get a little pushy with my eating so it’s best to feed me alone. It is only meals that I act like that and with bones. I am very gentle with eating treats. I use a slow feeder bowl but don’t worry my foster mom says I can bring it along plus any of my toys I want!! Since I will be a large dog, I am not suited for apartment life and a fence is a must have as well. I walk great with a harness and a leash but there is nothing like running in a back yard smelling all the things that yards have in them. I love to run really fast around the yard it is so much fun.I do well on a leash…. But I am working on meeting dogs out and about and not being so territorial of my space. What exactly does that mean …. Well with a new dog I will probably have my hair raised and may or may not give a warning little growl. It takes me a few minutes like maybe 10 to meet them as long as they are nice non-reactive dogs, I’m good and will then want to play. So, I am right now not a dog park kinda dog. That would be way too many new dogs at once. But I am getting better with this every day. I will take a person that understands that kind of behavior and someone that can physically handle me as a grown-up big dog. I play nice with my foster families 3 big dogs one on one… My best friend is a 1 year old 74lb shepherd/Husky mix female. We run and chase each other and play tug a war and splash around in the pool. I get a little too excited if more than 1 is out with me at a time and play gets a little too much. I am around the smaller dogs as well but I’m still a puppy and am a little clumsy and kinda scared I’d step on then since they are only like 10lbs. I really want to play with them too, but I tend to roll when I play and rolling over on them isn’t an option per my foster mom! I like riding in the car and I’m a good car rider but sometimes I don’t want to get out when we arrive at our destination. I go to the groomers every 4 weeks and loved my baths but now I really try hard to get out of the tub. But my friend did that to and now she loves baths, at least I like to get in my pools at home so that’s got to count for something like a bath right? I have been going to petsmart a lot as it’s a great place to meet dog friendly people and dogs to help me practice with my manners. I am a little shy when meeting people, but I do warm up if given a few minutes and you have some treats! I really am a good boy with just a few things to work on to be the best dog ever. I really do give my foster mom the best kisses and hugs! Oh and I go out every night before bed and big potty!!! So you have to make sure I get that 1 last outing or I might have a really unpleasant night. I’m looking forward to meeting my forever family day soon that Will Love me and give me my forever home!!

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