Foster FAQ

Have questions about fostering? We’ve got answers!

What does the Foster Program provide?

LCHS values its foster families! We provide:

  • All necessary veterinary care, including spaying or neutering of foster pets
  • Mentoring from experienced staff and other foster parents
  • Food, bowls, collars, and obedience training (if necessary)
  • Anything else a foster might need during the foster pet’s stay

What will be expected of me if I become a foster?

First and foremost, a big heart. Some animals come to LCHS needing medical care, training, or socialization. Others just need a bath. Some come nearly “perfect”, but they all need lots of love. Foster Parents care for their foster animals just as though they were their own. They are generally responsible for transporting them to vet appointments and to adoption booths, although we sometimes have volunteers who can help with this. Many Foster Parents want to be involved in the screening of potential adopters and we encourage this – you know them best. LCHS personnel and other Foster Parents are happy to help you know what to ask.

What is the LCHS Foster Program about?

The Leon County Humane Society Foster Program cares for animals in temporary foster homes while they are awaiting a permanent adoption.

What kinds of animals are available for fostering?

At any given time, we have between 200 and 250 dogs, cats, rabbits and occasionally other small animals in foster homes. Our animals come in all sizes and shapes, young and old, purebreds and mixes, long hair, short hair, you name it.

How do you become a Foster Parent?

Potential Foster Parents complete a Foster Parent Application and are interviewed to determine their desires and what sort of animal(s) would fit best in their home and lifestyle. An LCHS representative completes a home visit, obtains a positive veterinary reference and does a landlord check (if applicable).

What if I want to keep my foster animal?

Great! Obviously, we want you to keep fostering, but we also understand that sometimes you just fall in love. In that case, we are more than happy to have you adopt your foster animal. Just complete the contract, pay the adoption fee and they are yours!!

For more information on the Foster Program, please call us at (850) 224-9193.