“It was one year ago today that we adopted Booker from LCHS. As soon as I saw his adorable face in his adoption picture, I knew he would be the perfect companion to our other rescue, Bertha. LCHS was so helpful in allowing Bertha and Booker to meet and greet to see if they could get along. It was the happiest I’d seen Bertha act since we adopted her a few months prior. Booker has grown into his big paws and giant head and is the sweetest boy. His cropped ears tend to make people nervous when they first meet him, but even the kids in the neighborhood know he’s a sweet dog and always say hello. One of their parents even stopped my wife when she was outside walking the dogs to say that her kids told her we had the sweetest, prettiest dogs and that she didn’t believe them until she saw them herself. Booker loves the vet and techs at Bucklake Animal Hospital that took such good care of him when he came to LCHS and continue to care for him today.

He’s now 62lbs and thinks he’s a lapdog. His silly grin and loving attitude greet us every day when we come home. I am so grateful that we found each other. Thank you, LCHS!”

- William F.