Pet Medical Assistance

Pet Medical Cost Assistance

At this time, we do not have any available grants or funds to provide assistance with covering your pet’s medical costs. We can assist you with spaying or neutering your pet for free or very low cost.

Additionally, there is a low-cost veterinary clinic in Tallahassee called Animal Aid. They have lower costs for routine veterinary procedures, and may be able to offer you a payment plan. You can reach Animal Aid at 850-386-4148.

The City Animal Shelter offers periodic FREE rabies clinics as well as FREE microchip and I.D. clinics. For more information, please call 850-224-9193.

Pet Food Assistance

Currently, we offer free pet food through our Pet Food Pantry on a limited basis to those in need. We rely solely on donated food to supply pet food requests, so please be aware that supplies are limited and can vary quite a bit in quantity and quality. If you are in need of food for your pets, please call (850) 224-9193.

The City Animal Shelter also offers a limited pet food assistance program and can be reached at 850-891-2950.