Clam Chowder

Status: Available

Born: October 18, 2021

Age: 0y 8m 19d

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: $100.00

Breed: Siamese / Domestic Long Hair

Color: Lilac

Size: Small

Declawed: No

Location: Foster Home

Hi, I'm Clam Chowder! I’m a complex little guy. I initially tend to be shy. I may just watch you for a couple of days. However, if you have snacks like Churus or Delectable Squeeze Ups, that will certainly help me get to know you better.My foster parents call me a MURR cat. That means purrs and meows got married and my meows sound like I am mixing in a purr.TEENAGER WARNING!Yes, I am a young man ready to have fun a make bad choices. I am very good with the kitty litter but I will fling the litter out of the box when I enthusiastically dig. I love, LOVE dangling toys. I go C-R-A-Z-Y!! I just have one end goal and that is catching the feather, mouse, or ball at the end of the string. I make bad choices because I don’t look where I am landing. Which means my landings may look clumsy. You will have to make better choices for me. You will be so surprised how high I can jump and how fast I can run. Sometimes, I run so fast that for a few seconds I run in place and don’t go anywhere.I did tell you I am complex. Well, I have allergies. I am in Tallahassee after all. Sometimes my allergies make me itchy and I scratch too much. If it gets bad, I take medication and I look and feel much better.I don’t like being picked up but I love to snuggle with you. My foster mom feeds me 2 Churus and then pets me and scratches behind my ears and on my back. I love it!! When I am done I get frisky and give her love bites. That is my way of telling you, I want to play!!I need someone who understands cats and is not afraid of me being spirited with you. I do tend to be mouthy and would do better with no small children. Instead someone who is ready to play with me preferably with a dangling toy.

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