Status: Adopted

Born: November 28, 2018

Age: 0y 5m 24d

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: $100.00

Breed: Domestic Medium Hair

Color: Grey

Size: Small

Weight: 0.4375 lbs

Declawed: No

Location: Adopted

Eeyore has been adopted!

Eeyore is a big mush, he loves people and lets you pick him up and cuddle him. He also loves dogs, making biscuits on a Great Dane is a daily activity for him. Eeyore loves his toys as much as he loves attention. If he's playful and you pick him up he'll collapse in your hands while trying to attack your fingers. If he's tired and you pick him up he just lays there until you put him down. No matter what he's purring. Eeyore is also very vocal, chirping frequently.