Status: Adopted

Born: February 13, 2022

Age: 2y 4m 5d

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: $250

Breed: Dutch Shepherd / Belgian Shepherd Malinois

Color: Brindle

Size: Medium

Location: Adopted

Fiona has been adopted!

Fiona is a very sweet and playful 5 month old puppy. She is extremely smart and very food motivated for training. She is also affectionate and cuddly; she will bond hard with her family (she may be a dog that will bond extra hard with one person over others). At five months, she is very energetic, loves to run around the yard and play with her toys. Due to her age, energy levels and personality, she would be a great companion for someone who can spend time with her and has experience with shepherd breeds. In her foster home, she has made great progress on house and crate training in a very short space of time. At this points, with consistent schedule, she barely has any accidents. She takes a little while to settle in her crate but she has been sleeping in a crate at night, and with no accidents. She also naps in the crate a couple of times a day. She does love to cuddle up on the couch (or bed!) next to you.She has made strides on basic obedience too. Even though still a puppy, she walks very well on the leash. Her favorite words are “Fiona” and “good girl”! Because of her smart disposition, she is suited to a home that would keep her mentally stimulated with tricks and training.Fiona’s not a fussy eater and loves her food enrichment toys. She has lived with another dog and is very playful with other dogs. As she wants to play all the time and still can be a bit mouthy, it is recommended that she’s both supervised with other pets at this young age and takes breaks from playing. She should be fed separately from other dogs too. Because she’s still teething and excitable, she would be best suited to a home without small children. While she is interested in meeting new people and will curiously run up to neighbors and friends, she is on the shy side and needs to be given space to warm up to new people on her own terms.If you’d like a beautiful loving puppy that is overjoyed to see you even if you’ve been away for only a short time, and one that will want to join you