Status: Adopted

Born: March 25, 2018

Age: 3y 2m 27d

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: $80.00

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Color: Calico

Size: Large

Declawed: No

Location: Adopted

Indy has been adopted!

My name is Indy. It may be an unusual name, but I was orphaned at a few weeks and had to survive the onslaught of the unforgiving world independently (Indy) for another few weeks before I was saved. To tell the truth, I would not have made it if not for my big sister Lil Bit (not so little now). Lil Bit was only a few weeks older than me but she kept me warm during the cold winter nights and would scrounge some kibbles for the both of us. She would also lead away the mean territorial male cats when they came around, meaning she would scamper up a one of the many trees behind a gas station on a very busy intersection so that I may remain hidden under the bushes or under an air conditioning unit. Both Lil Bit and I were eventually saved by a kind elderly Vietnam veteran. However, he has passed on now and we are left without the love and comfort that a home with a loving family can provide. It is told that we brought so much joy to our previous owner's life that we extended his stay here on earth for another year. It was a well-deserved extension for his love and kindness alone. Today, I am looking for lifelong family to make my own. I am a big lap kitty who finds no greater pleasure than to cuddle. My greatest wish is for both Lil Bit and I to find a caring and loving family.