Status: Adopted

Born: June 14, 2021

Age: 2y 5m 20d

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: $100.00

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Color: Orange

Size: Large

Declawed: No

Location: Adopted

Meatball has been adopted!

Meatball is silly and sweet, but sometimes has the manners of a kitten. He doesn't know when to hold back or that he's a full grown cat. He has met dogs and other cats and generally listens to their cues on play vs. leave me alone. He is very fast and very strong and has been known to chase dogs. When he is comfortable, he weaves between legs while you are walking and could knock you over if you're not paying attention.He is generally curious but gets nervous when he feels vulnerable. He is very very good about using the litter box and is an absolute garbage disposal and will not only eat any food you put in front of him, but he will inhale it as fast as he can.Meatball is very tolerant of being handled and loves to be pet. Just watch out because this kitten in an adult cat body may give you some love nibbles!