Status: Adopted

Born: March 23, 2007

Age: 14y 0m 18d

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: $80.00

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Color: Orange

Size: Large

Declawed: No

Location: Adopted

Morgan has been adopted!

Morgan is a very friendly and easy going cat. He is good with other cats and dogs, but will stick up for himself with a hiss or swat but no fighting. He seems to know his name and will meow for attention, especially wet food!Good with the scratching post. I have a tall sisal one. Has left my furniture alone. Morgan is a respectful house guest, always using scratching posts instead of furniture and staying off the countertops. He will play a little, sometimes batting around a ball but prefers to sit and play in cardboard boxes instead. He is very gentle and sweet, likes being combed/brushed, and has a loud musical purr.You may notice his crooked smile, Morgan was already missing some teeth when he came to us, but he also had to have more removed. The good news is he is fully vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, just had his teeth cleaned, and had normal bloodwork done at the vet. In summary, this cat is happy, healthy, and ready to be loved!