Status: Adopted

Born: February 5, 2020

Age: 4y 2m 13d

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: $250

Breed: Mixed Breed

Color: Brown

Size: Medium

Location: Adopted

Petunia has been adopted!

My name is Petunia, and I am now available for adoption. I came to Leon County Humane Society in rough shape. However, with the love and affection of the staff and my foster, I have been able to show my lovable personality. Since my arrival, I have gained a healthy amount of weight. The vet says I still need to gain weight but have a healthy appetite. I am crate-trained and eat in my crate. I do need to be taken outside regularly after meals. I love treats and meal times. I will dance my happy dance and talk because I get super excited about my meals, wet dog food and kibble. My foster mom puts chicken broth in my kibble and I get the wiggles. I love food and am food driven. When I first arrived at my foster mom's house, I was shy and scared, especially of certain household items like the dishwasher door, vacuum and spin mop, but I learned they wouldn't hurt me. The second day, I found my favorite spot in the house, and it was the couch. If I were to choose a day outside or a day on the couch, I would choose the couch. My foster mom calls me a couch potato and a cuddle bug. It’s the first place I go after I go outside. While on the couch, I love to place my head on anyone’s lap. My foster mom says I am not a lap ‘pup’ but I think I am. I love watching T.V. while my head is on my foster mom’s lap and spending the day relaxing. When I want someone’s attention, I will stare at them with my large brown puppy eyes and get all the belly rubs I want. I play with other dogs around my size, but have limited experience. I prefer to be the center of attention. When I am not cuddled up on the couch, I play with my foster dog friends for about 10 minutes, and then I’ll be back on the couch. When I get too excitable or energized during play time, I can get ‘mouthy’. I need boundaries set for play time with people and other dogs geared towards toys. My foster mom and I have been working on this and I have been improving by putting that excitement towards toys. I do enjoy toys such as my bouncy ball and my sheep. I will not leave without them. I do not like traffic/vehicles because of the loud noises and bright lights. However, I do ride well inside a car. I know how to walk on a leash, but I am not interested in going for walks. I love being a companion and would love to find my special person.