Tommy Lee

Status: Adopted

Born: February 24, 2022

Age: 0y 4m 10d

Gender: Unknown

Adoption Fee: $250

Breed: Mixed Breed

Color: White and Brindle

Size: Medium

Location: Adopted

Tommy Lee has been adopted!

Tommy Lee is happy, sweet, and friendly with everyone. He is great with toddlers and other dogs (we have not had him around cats, but he would probably be fine). He is all puppy so has lots of energy followed by solid naps in his crate when he's worn out. He also is learning that he shouldn't use his puppy teeth to nip when he's playing, but he's learning fast!Tommy Lee is mostly housetrained, as he will only have an accident if he doesn't make it outside in time. He is crate-trained and does great overnight as well as for a couple hours here and there throughout the day. Since he is a puppy, he will need lots of attention and interaction. He is slightly water and food protective around other dogs so ideally would be fed separately.He's an extremely smart puppy--he already understands ''sit'' and is being trained to wait until he gets the ''okay'' command to eat. All of his training he is very quickly picking up on--he will absolutely thrive in a home with love, attention, and good training.