Status: Available

Born: April 11, 2022

Age: 2y 3m 2d

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: $250

Breed: Australian Shepherd

Color: Brown and White

Size: Medium

Location: Foster Home

Hello all you fine peoples!!! My name is, “WINK!!!”, because, per my Mom, I look like I’m winking. I was, “George”, in my previous life, in a rural Alabama shelter, where I was labeled, “feral”.I wasn’t. What I was, was terrified.Now that I’m outta there, and on Prozac, I’ve come to realize that I truly like y’all, but my FOSTER Mom is my favorite person in the entire world. I’m in love with her. Completely enamored Velcro, I am. She tells me that I’ll love my REAL family even more, whatever the heck that means. To ease my apprehension, she has assured me she’ll be picky, and that she’ll introduce me to my FURever home, with a series of visits, that will gradually become longer, until I’m completely comfortable. She has promised I’ll never be scared, or lonely, or unloved, ever again.I’m probably about 4 years old, and I’ve had a round of Doxycycline, and am on monthly Heart Guard, to slowly deal with the “light HW+” I was graced with, during my life as George. I’m crate trained, but not crazy about being sequestered, and give voice to my displeasure. I’ve learned to walk on a leash, and I’m getting better at it every day. I like meeting people where I feel safe, and where there are cookies. I’m apprehensive about meeting people on walks, and out in the open. Mom brings cookies with, to help with introductions, and I’m ALL ABOUT COOKIES.I’m house trained, doing my bathroom business outside. Mom helps remind me to be appropriate, by serving my breakfast and dinner on the porch, where I can prance down the steps, and lighten my load, so to speak.I want to play with others, but I’m still learning the ropes. I’ll be play pushy, but if someone is play pushy in return, I don’t know how to handle that, and I retreat. Mom doesn’t think I ever played before, and if I did, that I don’t remember how. I’ve come to learn, with regard to this play thing, that there are boundaries, nuances, and an unsympathetic spray bottle, wielded by my aim adept Mom. Rude…It kinda hurts my feelings, when I’m corrected or shunned, and I’ll slink, dejected, under the bed. I’m an extremely sensitive dude.My FURever home should be breed savvy, and have the time, patience, and dedication to help me be all that I can be, as I continue to come out of my shell, and learn how to “dog”. To be safe, and happy, and to adjust, I absolutely, 300%, no ifs, ands, or buts, REQUIRE a securely fenced yard, AND a friendly, not pushy playful, self confident dog, who will continue teaching me what it means to be a safe, secure, confident, beloved pet member of a family.I’ve fit seamlessly, and happily, into my foster home. I’ll fit seamlessly, and happily, into my FURever home too. Rescue dogs, like me, often aren’t easy, but we’re so very much worth the time and effort. My successes will be your successes, and don’t we all need more of those?My Foster Mom says I’m 100% wonderful, and you know what? I 100% believe her. She believes you will too.Love,WINK!!!

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