Lexi Lou Lou

“On August 25th, we picked up our next foster, Lexi. Within a couple days, we decided to adopt her! Lexi walked in our home like she was filling a spot that had always been carved out for her, just waiting for her to arrive. She curled up on the couch with the other dogs, she paid no attention to the cats, she hung out with the chickens in the run, and loved trying to give the kids kisses.
When LCHS rescued Lexi and several others from an overcrowded shelter in Louisiana, she was heart-worm positive and had course fur with a couple bald spots. She now has the silkiest, softest fur and is scheduled in complete her heart-worm treatment in February!
Lexi and our senior rescue, Charlie, formed a bond immediately. Charlie has never shown any interest in playing with other fosters and would sometimes get annoyed with them, but he and Lexi have nothing but love for each other. They rough-house together and Lexi helps keep Charlie clean by grooming his handsome face.
Lexi loves to ride in the car to drop the kids off at school in the mornings and pick up them up in the afternoons. She is friendly to everyone she meets, human or animal and is a fantastic snuggler and sneaker of kisses!
I can’t help but laugh whenever I look at her and think about how she popped into our lives as if she had always been there! I’m so grateful we had the opportunity to foster this sweet lady.
We made her adoption final on my birthday, August 27th. I’m excited to always share my birthday with our sweet girl that I’m so in love with, Lexi Lou Lou!”

- Karri