Maddie’s got a well matched family of her own now.  After having been bred for profit repeatedly, and living among hundreds of dogs on the the wire floor of a small cage, she is no longer a number.  Maddie is now a family member and a cherished one at that!  Thanks to your generosity and the tender loving care provided by a first time foster family, Maddie has made the perfect addition to her new family, whom she met last week.  
Maddie is just one of 76 dogs who left a horrendous situation to be given their second chance through LCHS.  Maddie’s now been treated for years of neglect and she’s got a new lease on life. 

From her adopter:

“I’m very surprised how quickly she’s acclimating.  She walks extremely well on the leash and she is a joy to go on walks with.  She has started coming when called and sitting on command.  She even let me give her a haircut.  Can’t brag enough about how amazing this little girl is, and it’s all thanks to everyone that had a hand in rescuing her and showing her love.  We are so glad Maddie is part of or family.”

- Cheri


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