“Creed & Lily (aka PitterPat) quickly stole our hearts! We were still grieving the loss of our beloved 15-year-old English Bulldog, Pudge, when we went to the show at the fairgrounds. We were tag alongs with our daughter’s family for the purpose of finding a new puppy for our grandchildren (which they did but that’s another Happy Tail – Tucker the Dutch Shepherd!). We didn’t see Creed & Lily immediately as they were at the back of the building but as soon as we worked our way through and saw them, it was love at first sight! They are the cutest Shortybulls (French & English bulldog mixture). Creed is quite a character. He loves riding in the car so we take short trips up to Burger King for hamburgers. He loves treats, playing with toys, and being “King” of the house. It’s funny to see him lay on the back of the sofa (like a cat) to look out the window. Lily was extremely skittish and shy but has adapted very well to her new surroundings. She’s beginning to like car rides as she develops trust that she gets to come back home. She loves running around in our wooded area – and she is extremely fast for having such short legs. She, also, loves treats, playing with toys, and happy to be with Creed. I’m sure they keep each other company while we are at work. It was great getting two that are already house-broken! Both love sitting with us to watch TV and giving us kisses. These two fur-babies made our family complete again. Thank you to their foster parents for the good care they provided and to LCHS for allowing us to adopt them. Their friendly faces greet us every day at our front door. We are so blessed!”

- Pam & Jeff