A Chance for Moon

Meet Moon! He’s been with us here at Leon County Humane Society since he was just a couple weeks old. He seemed like any other kitten, until one day in March he started struggling to breathe.

We learned that he was born with a congenital defect that caused his ribs to grow incorrectly. This puts pressure on his heart and often leaves him panting. We knew surgery would be difficult, expensive, and scary, but we also couldn’t give up on this sweet boy. He has had to miss out on many of the joys of being a kitten, by being kept on cage rest to avoid respiratory distress.

We knew he deserved a chance, and that chance is here. Tomorrow Moon is finally big enough to go into surgery for his pectus excavatum procedure. Please keep Moon in your thoughts over the next few days.

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We know this has been a tough week across our program, and we want to take this moment again to say thank you to all of our supporters for allowing us to give animals like Moon a chance at life, a chance at a home, a chance to be a normal kitten.