Status: Adopted

Born: March 8, 2018

Age: 5y 2m 28d

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: $80.00

Breed: Ragdoll

Color: Lilac

Size: Large

Declawed: No

Location: Adopted

Fancy has been adopted!

You know how babies have a soft spot? That lil' self-destruct button on their head that makes holding them terrifying? Anxiety inducing, right? Ok, so back to Fancy - she came to LCHS because she was attacked by the dog in her old home. Her old family brought her to the vet, and they could not afford care and chose to euthanize. The vet knew that Fancy's wounds were treatable, so she stepped up and paid for her medical needs herself. She fostered Fancy until she was well again, and she healed up so nicely! Her generosity is why Fancy is still around: she went to great lengths to make sure Fancy survived and could find a second chance at a forever home. We get totally it - she's incredibly beautiful, but she's also a big fan of people and getting cuddles. She's so sweet and affectionate, and the people she trusted to care for her let her down.... we understand wanting to move mountains for her. While all of her injuries are healed, she does have one space on her chest that isn't protected by her sternum anymore. She has a ''soft spot'' where a direct hit could be fatal. ''Yikes'' WE KNOW. But - vet's recommendation for her long-term care is optimistic and not scary at all: No dogs, no small kids, indoor only, and a calm household. Nothing that would make her suddenly bolt and potentially injure herself. She's interested in other cats, but you can tell she's used to being queen of the roost. Weekends at the cafe get pretty busy, so Fancy will only be here during the week when we can keep a close eye on her. We know she'll find herself an adopter fast, but we want to make sure this next home is going to be her forever home, and that her adopter loves her at least as much as everyone who helped her get here has.