Status: Adopted

Born: January 11, 2023

Age: 1y 5m 7d

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: $250

Breed: Mixed Breed

Color: Tan and Black

Size: Small

Location: Adopted

Lola has been adopted!

Lola came to LCHS with an injured leg that was initially treated at a local emergency clinic. Follow-up treatment was provided by LCHS at Ox Bottom Animal Hospital along with a set of puppy vaccines. Lola was spayed and received another set of vaccines on 4/18/2023 at Buck Lake Animal Hospital. She weighed 24# on 4/30/2023 at approximately3 months old. She appears to be closer to 40# now..Lola joined our foster family on 3/24/2023. Our home has a mom, dad, 3 dogs, 4 cats, a teenager, an adult daughter, and a 4 year old boy. Lola rambunctiously plays with every person, pet, and toy (or anything she considers a toy, especially socks) within reach. Our cats are used to puppy visitors, other cats may be less appreciative of Lola's devote attention. The people and cats in our home are trying their best to teach her manners. Our dogs are getting older and aren't thrilled with her exuberance. Lola does respect warnings given by our grumpy girl. She pesters our big 10 year old male dog baby. He just can't say no.Lola sleeps in a puppy crate at night. We cover the crate with a blanket to provide a calm quite space for her. Lola settles down for the night after plenty of exercise and entertainment. She also stays in her crate when unsupervised.Lola goes outside to play and potty in a large fenced yard. I would say that she is 95% house trained at this time. She uses a large potty pad next to the front door. Lola will require patience with continued house and crate training. A basic obedience class would assist Lola in heading in the right direction.Lola is a very active puppy who needs an equally active family. A friend described her as ''vivacious''. AKA she is a ball of energy. She leaps and bounds all around. A playful young dog brother/sister might be best.