Dixie County Rescue

On Feb. 25, the Humane Society of the United States assisted the Dixie County Sheriff’s Office in the rescue of approximately 140 dogs from an alleged severe neglect situation in Dixie County, Florida.

While LCHS is not directly affiliated with HSUS, we are on standby to assist with rescues of this nature and take in animals as needed from these cases.

The dogs found on the property were living outside, in dilapidated enclosures that had often been wired shut. Many of the dogs were without food and water. They were primarily found living outside, contained in hutches which were caked in feces and leaking in the rain.

The majority of the dogs are suffering from skin conditions characterized by missing fur, sores and itchy skin. They were taken in by HSUS for about a week while they were evaluated, monitored, documented, and received initial vet care.

Today our dogs arrived on their freedom bus! Each one that unloaded was sweeter than the last, but seemed unsure of the grass beneath their feet while they stretched their legs after the journey.

They quickly realized they were safe and became excited, many even showed their bellies for scratches and wanted to show their gratitude with kisses! We’re still looking for fosters for these dogs, but we know that their temporary homes will have the ability to revel with them in this newfound freedom, hope, and happiness. We’re very excited to place each of these dogs into their forever homes with the help of our community.

If you’d like to make a donation to these dogs or in general, to assist us in saving those similar to them, please click below.

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