Everlasting Everett

The below images may be shocking and disturbing to some of our supporters. We apologize that the images are graphic in nature, but they are the unfortunate truth, and it is important that we share them with you.

Late Monday, the Leon County Humane Society (LCHS) was contacted about an injured dog seeking shelter at a school yard in Liberty County. An LCHS volunteer made the trip to Liberty County to locate the dog and brought him back to Leon County.

The puppy, now named Everett, had been shot at close range, completely severing his front leg while several bullet fragments severely injured a back leg. Everett is receiving emergency medical care at Buck Lake Animal Hospital and fighting for his life. Anyone seeking to contribute financially to Everett’s care can do by clicking donate below.

LCHS is asking anyone with information about this vicious crime to contact the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office at (850) 643-2235.   

If you choose to donate via check, indicate that the intent of your donation is to help save Everett. Donations made to Leon County Humane Society will be used where the need is greatest including toward his care.

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Everett has had the entirety of his front leg removed, as well as an emergency blood transfusion. Vets are optimistic about his rear leg and the increase in blood flow, and each and every person who meets Everett falls in love.

We learned this puppy was not alone. It’s taken staff two days to catch Everett’s mama and three siblings, but we’ve managed it.

All dogs are very thin, covered in fleas and ticks, and riddled with intestinal parasites. We’re looking forward to seeing them flourish in foster care, but adoption is a long way off.

Giving these dogs a chance to be dogs, to be loved, to feel safe and learn to enjoy life is our priority. We are not accepting adoption applications at this time. They will be in foster homes for several weeks while they are socialized and their medical concerns are addressed.