Giving Tuesday 2020

You’ve toughed out 2020 with us this far, but we’re not done yet. For the remainder of 2020, our efforts remain concentrated on animals in need, both in our care, and throughout our community.

With the growth of our Community Pet Pantry, we’ve met hundreds of new faces, grateful to receive a helping hand during this trying time. Furthermore, we’ve been able to reach others through monthly donations of pet food and supplies to our friends at Elder Care Services, Inc. and the Big Bend Homeless Coalition.

Our hope here is to provide comfort through full bellies of animals in need, and relief to struggling pet owners. Next week, we’ll be ordering igloo-style dog houses and loading them with dry bedding to provide warm shelter to outside pets this winter. While we’d like to see every pet live indoors, it’s simply not an option for many. We’ll meet them where they lay their heads at night and strive to make those cold nights more comfortable.

Without your help, 2020 would have looked very different. The constant stream of young kittens during the spring and summer months would’ve been turned away. The terrified and shut down dogs in local shelters wouldn’t have been transferred to experienced LCHS foster homes, and eventually into adoptive homes of their very own. Those in need of emergency veterinary care, and the many animals with special needs, would’ve been refused rather than treated, recovered, and thriving.

Successful saves continued throughout 2020 because of YOU! This Giving Tuesday, help us continue serving animals in, and around, Leon County. Thanks to friends close to our mission, every dollar up to $7,500 will be matched to help us reach our goal of raising $20,000 this Giving Tuesday. It takes a village. Thank you for your generosity and support!


LCHS Family

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