“We didn’t mean to get another dog, as we were in Tallahassee for a sad occassion of burying my cousin. I was showing my aunt where to look for a dog as she was thinking of getting one, when we saw that sweet face. I texted it to my husband back in Daytona and much to my surprise, since we already had two dogs, he said, “Bring her home.” Only weighing 24 pounds, afraid to go outside, Scout (named for the To Kill a Mockingbird character who was sweet and ornery at the same time), has made quite the turn around. She is a lover, a big goofball, and a friend go all. She is a stealer of socks and hearts. She is a giver of kisses and happy wags. She is a beach bum and a chief investigator of squirrels on the fence. She is our happy hello at the door. She takes up the whole end of the bed now (at 70 pounds). She has no understanding of naughty and announces every chewed up item with the exuberance of a child on Christmas saying, “Look at me and my great accomplishment!” She is impossible to be angry with. She is part of our little pack and a joyful, unexpected blessing.”

- Danny and Karen