“I fostered Wally for LCHS as a bottle baby. After he was big enough, he was neutered and adopted out as a kitten. Unfortunately after two years his adopter was unable to continue to keep him and, as agreed to in his adoption contract, returned him to LCHS. Someone told me he was back, knowing I’d like to say hello to him. I petted him on the head a bit, and when I began to pull my hand away, he gently grabbed it and pulled it to his nose and held it there for what turned out to be an all over thorough sniffing. He then looked me in the eyes and I knew he remembered me! He put out a paw, asking to be held, and I knew he was going to be mine forever. That was 10 years ago. He is very happy and a big snuggler and lap cat. During the winter, he likes to get under the covers and snuggle next to me. Here he is, doing one of the things that cats do best.”

- Wally's Mom