Rescuing May

Our first glimpse of May was that of a broken down dog who’d lost hope. By the time we’d caught sight of her on social media, May’d been in a crowded shelter for six days; suffering from injuries no animal should endure. 
The wounds to her neck were festering. At one point in her life, a chain had been placed around May’s neck.  As May grew larger, the chain grew tighter, eventually embedding deep into her neck and causing pain with every movement.  To make matters worse, May had been shot with bird shot pellets, dozens of which were lodged throughout the back of May’s neck, head, and ears. Not surprisingly, and like so many others, May tested positive for heartworm disease, a devastating and expensive blow.
Due to a lack of funding at the rural shelter, May sat there in this condition with no medical treatment or pain medication for six days. During that time, dogs barked around her, her neck ached, and the new and strange smells were overwhelming. Shelter staff knew it would take the power of rescue to help a dog in May’s condition.  That’s where LCHS comes in…

After spending weeks in an LCHS foster home, we’ve witnessed May blossom into a happy, loving, larger-than-life pup. While still sensitive around her neck, May’s wounds continue to heal and the journey of finding her forever home begins.  
It’s thanks to you that May and so many like her can be afforded a second chance at health and happiness through rescue and adoption.  Now spayed and healing well, May is preparing to begin heartworm treatment.  Nothing will make her foster family happier than seeing May spend the upcoming holidays with the family she deserves… and one deserving of her.   If you are interested in adopting, learn more about May and how to adopt her here.

The Leon County Humane Society (LCHS) receives no city, state, or federal funding. LCHS also has no affiliation with a larger humane society such as HSUS. LCHS is funded primarily through the generosity of our donors. 

For Giving Tuesday, please consider making a donation towards our organization. May is just one of many unexpected cases we have taken on this year, and we hope to always be able to take on the difficult cases so no animal is left to suffer. 

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