Calendar Announcement

Hey Y’all! 

As some of you (or at least the more organized among us) may have noticed already, there is an error somewhere in our beautiful Paw Prints Calendar.

The month of December 2021 starts on the wrong day of the week! 
Have no fear, we wanted to be able to provide an immediate fix, so we’ve edited the page, and posted the downloadable and printable pdf on our website. (see below)

We also went a step further and ordered high quality pages to be printed! So, you have the option to print at home, pick up a replacement page, or have one mailed to you. Thanks to our friends at Graphic Press, we will have pages available for pick up at the office starting next week. Feel free to stop Mon- Thurs from 10:00-3:00 to grab a free replacement page that will easily fit into your otherwise lovely calendar.  

If you’d prefer to have one mailed to you, just email

We appreciate your support and apologize for the error. Luckily there’s a whole year for you to insert your replacement page! 

Thank you for your understanding and let us know if you have any questions.