End of Year Giving

As the year winds to a close, we’ve taken time to reflect on the difficulties of 2020, as well as the successes. 

In spite of this year’s in-person fundraising events having been cancelled, our cat program managed to accept more cats into our care than in any year prior. Nearly 600 cats already this year! Our friends at Tally Cat Cafe have offered many of these lucky felines a fun foster space while advocating for the needs of each individual foster cat they’ve taken on.

Our dog program provided multiple life saving treatments to dogs that otherwise wouldn’t have been afforded a second chance. Dedicated fosters shared their quarantine time with the company of foster pets, while our dog program coordinator spent months working to acquire her training certification. The extra training she’s acquired has allowed LCHS to take on more special behavioral cases this year. There’s no better feeling than witnessing a shy, reserved, or frightened animal transform in front of your eyes; we’ve seen the process repeat itself throughout 2020. 

In March, we closed our office to the general public. This choice to close and remain closed for the time being has afforded us the ability to stay healthy, and remain focused on what drives the organization: saving animals and serving our community. 

We expanded our Community Pet Pantry and we’ve helped hundreds experiencing financial hardship from COVID-19. For many struggling to feed themselves and their families, pet food assistance means the difference between a family kept whole, or another animal entering a crowded shelter. We love keeping pets in homes despite a pandemic!

Thanks to the family that is the Leon County Humane Society, we’ve taken on every challenge, and supported each other along the way. Looking back on 2020, as strange as it’s been, we’re immensely proud of what LCHS has achieved, and we’re incredibly grateful to have had your support every step of the way. We hope to get back to a more “normal” state of being in 2021, but rest assured, as long as we have your support, we’ll work tirelessly to continue our mission to Rescue, Rehabilitate, and Educate. 

When considering your End of Year Giving, please consider the Leon County Humane Society. All donations made before January 1st can be applied to your 2020 taxes. 

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