Happy and Thriving, Thanks to You!

Biggest ‘Thank You’ for our Biggest Little Dog Rescue

Thanks to the generosity of so many who donated toward the rescue of dogs from a large scale puppy mill in Georgia, almost all of the 76 dogs that entered the care of LCHS have been adopted!  Every one of these dogs suffered from a variety of medical issues ranging from painful- heavily matted hair, emaciation, dental disease, dry eye, glaucoma, eye and ear infections, swelling and infection of the feet due standing on wire kennel bottoms, and more.  Without the generous support of local veterinary clinics reaching out to help, we wouldn’t have been able to care for this large number of dogs in urgent need of medical care all at once.  

North Florida Animal Hospital, Novey Animal Hospital, Animal Aid, Bannerman Pet Care, and South Monroe Animal Hospital went above and beyond to work these animals into their packed schedules while not only discounting, but donating many of their services.  A complete list of local veterinary clinics that assisted with the medical care of these dogs is as follows:

Animal Aid
Bannerman Pet Care 
Buck Lake Animal Hospital
Los Robles Animal Hospital 
Northampton Animal Clinic
North Florida Animal Hospital 
Northwood Animal Hospital 
Novey Animal Hospital 
Ox Bottom Animal Hospital 
South Monroe Animal Hospital
Paws and Claws Animal Hospital