Need a Purr-fect Mother’s Day Gift?

Consider sponsoring an animal as a tribute, in honor of Mom’s care, compassion, and love. Your mom can immediately receive an emailed card acknowledging your sponsorship made on her behalf. Eclipse would be a great choice!

Eclipse arrived at LCHS and seemed like he was in perfect health! He purred constantly, begged for attention, and was very clearly full to bursting with love. Nothing could stop him from getting to people for attention.
However, cats are extremely talented at concealing the fact that they’re in pain, and Eclipse was hiding a lot of pain. It wasn’t until he could no longer bear it that he suddenly stopped walking completely.
It turned out that this amazing, sweet, loving boy had a severe pelvis fracture. An x-ray revealed multiple bone breaks, all at different stages of healing. We can never know for certain, but his medical issues point to a history of abuse.

Eclipse is an amazing cat who, despite everything, is still filled with love. He’s spent the last several months on cage rest, and now he’s healed and ready to find a home. To sponsor him on behalf of your Mom, go here.