Help Our Biggest Little Dog Rescue!

Late Thursday night, the Leon County Humane Society participated in a rescue mission alongside several animal welfare organizations to save dogs from a puppy mill situation in Southern Georgia. This property had upwards of five hundred dogs on site, all of them suffering from malnourishment, sores and abrasions, dental disease, matted fur, infections, and general neglect.

The Leon County Humane Society has accepted 76 dogs into our care. This is one of the largest rescue missions undertaken by Leon County Humane Society, and we are requesting community assistance. Since this property was operating as a puppy mill, inhumanely breeding dogs to sell for profit, many of these dogs are highly sought-after small breeds. The Leon County Humane Society and their partners in rescue were shocked at the inhumane conditions these dogs were living in, many of them requiring immediate medical care.

The sheer number of dogs LCHS has taken in, coupled with their inevitable medical needs and vet costs, means that donations are not only appreciated, but essential for their journeys toward wellness and love.

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If you choose to donate via check, indicate that the intent of your donation is the Biggest Little Dog Rescue. Donations made to Leon County Humane Society will be used where the need is greatest including toward the Biggest Little Dogs’ care.

If donating is not possible, please consider temporarily opening your home to one of these dogs in a foster capacity. Their food, medical expenses, and general needs will be taken care of. All that is required of a foster is to provide a safe and loving environment and assist with veterinary transport when required for the foster dog. Fosters will not only be saving the lives of these dogs but will have the first chance at adopting their foster dog. If you are interested in adopting as an act of assistance, please consider a foster-to-adopt scenario as an alternative.