Our Biggest Little Dog Rescues Are All Fostered!

UPDATE! From Joey the Pomeranian and all the rest of the Biggest Little Dog Rescues, THANK YOU Tallahassee! ALL 76 of the dogs are fostered and have begun the process of treating their various ailments and learning how to be a dog.

We’ll be posting more updates over the next few weeks, so stay tuned to our social media and website. If you are interested in donating toward the steadily increasing vet costs of the Biggest Little Dog Rescues, you can donate by clicking the button below.

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If you choose to donate via check, indicate that the intent of your donation is the Biggest Little Dog Rescue. Donations made to Leon County Humane Society will be used where the need is greatest including toward the Biggest Little Dogs’ care.


The dogs will spend the next two weeks getting the vet care they desperately need and getting healthy and ready for adoption. Many of them will be adopted by their foster parents once they are ready for adoption and will NOT come up for adoption through regular channels.

Any of the dogs that are NOT adopted by their foster parents will attend the Proctor Paws Fur A Cause 2019 – a pet adoption event at Proctor Subaru on Saturday, March 16th.

If you are interested in adopting, please plan to attend Proctor Paws Fur a Cause, as we will not be able to accept adoption applications before that time.

PLEASE NOTE: If you currently own any animals, plan to bring a copy of up-to-date veterinarian records for those pets to the event with you. If you rent your home, please plan to bring proof of authorization to have pets in your home, i.e, a copy of your rental agreement/lease that states a number of allowed pets.

We plan to post an album of the available dogs on our Facebook page a few days before March 16th describing the majority of the dogs that will be attending the event.