Office Updates/Info

We’ve made some adjustments to our operations in order to keep staff safe while continuing to rescue animals and find them homes. Pet care is, after all, an essential activity.

Firstly, we will be continuing with having someone at the office Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. We will be closed Friday.

If you are looking to adopt, all adoptions will need to be scheduled. You must fill out an adoption application, and we ask that you give us a few days to review it. We’ll be operating on a skeleton staff, doing the best we can, but we ask for your patience. Same day or even next-day adoptions will be difficult and are not feasible.

If you are looking to surrender an animal, we ask that you first make sure that it is a last resort, and that it MUST happen now. If it can wait, wonderful, if not, for dogs please EMAIL a photo, medical information, and additional info to Amy at For cats, please email a photo, medical information, and additional info to Deidre at

If you have found a kitten, call our office. If it is outside our hours you can email Deidre at the above email.

If you are in need of our Pet Food Pantry, please call the office. If we are unable to assist you during our office availability, we will make arrangements.

Thank you all in advance for sticking with us while we learn to navigate this difficult time. We have been, and will continue to work hard to be there for the pets and people of Leon County.

On a positive note: Since we initially announced our closure to the public, our phones have been ringing off the hook, we’ve given out pounds upon pounds of pet food to those in need, and we have still over 50 adoptions take place. 💪