Paw Prints Calendar Contest Has Ended

Thanks to the entire team you see in this collage, we were able to raise over $35,000 for animals in need!

Congrats to every single animal who participated! We LOVE that our top 13 winners include a bunny, a tripod wonder doggie, cats named Mr. Tux and Mr. Cookie Le Fuzz, and a Foster dog named Wonton who was abandoned inside an apartment and is just looking for a home full of play and energy! (Adopt Wonton!)

We loved reading the descriptions for each pet, and seeing how loved each and every animal entered is, really captures the spirit of the contest for us. We hope to give all the animals in the program equally loving homes, and we hope we see some familiar faces in next year’s calendar contest too!

Stay tuned for info on ordering your 2022 calendar, if you haven’t already!