Riley – More than Rescue

Riley entered the Leon County Humane Society thanks to Lucy Daly. We all see many pleas by people on Facebook, with animals in need of help. We want to save each and every one of them, but without a foster home to put them in, we aren’t always able to help.

Lucy saw one of those pleas, posted by the good samaritan who found Riley. She called Amy asking if there was something that could be done, and Amy said they would need a foster. Lucy said “no problem, I’m your girl,” (I have a suspicion Riley was already in her car at this point).

Now 8 months later, all of Riley’s health concerns have been addressed. His heartworm infection was particularly severe, but he’s right on the brink of a clean bill of health, a neuter, and a forever home, thanks to someone who not only saw an animal in need, but stepped up to be his hero.

Saying goodbye won’t be easy, but with nearly 30 foster dogs under her belt, Lucy isn’t ready to stop saving more.

Riley will be available for adoption in a couple weeks, but if you’re interested in becoming a dog’s hero, learn more and sign up to foster at

If you’re unable to foster, consider donating, so that dogs like Riley can find a safe place to land and the care they need.