Community Cats – More than Rescue

This video features two women who worked together over the course of the pandemic to take a cat colony about to go out of control and turn it into an opportunity for joy.

With the support of LCHS, they were able to TNR about 40 cats, with 25 of them being able to be rehomed through out cat program. We estimate that their efforts over this year long period likely prevented the births of up to 300 unwanted kittens, and prevented countless cases of suffering from inbreeding in future litters. Considering our program took in a total of 539 cats TOTAL last year, we’re pretty grateful they took on this endeavor.

Often people wonder where the cats in our program come from, this video will answer that question for 25 of our cats.

If you would like to start TNRing in your own community, visit here for support with low cost spaying and neutering.

We also have traps available for rent, and so does the Tallahassee Leon Animal Service Center.

TNR will have to be a community effort, it’s too overwhelming for any one group to tackle on their own, and the more people willing to TNR, the closer we get to ending pet overpopulation, and ending euthanasia.

If you’d like to donate toward the care of many kittens we end up taking in from feral communities, please click here.