Smudge – More than Rescue

Smudge came in to our program at 3 months old. Most cats are considered feral after being left unsocialized for the first two months, and even with years of patience, Smudge has generally been considered untouchable. But after 12 years, a lot can change. Since Smudge isn’t considered adoptable, (and is missing all her teeth,) there aren’t many options for a cat like her, and without LCHS, we know she’d never have made it this far.

Being a cat’s “chosen person” is a really wonderful thing, and letting Smudge live on her own terms is a testament to our commitment to rescue, and to each and every animal’s life having meaning.

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Our next video will further highlight the meaning of each and every animal’s life, with Ollie. Ollie was abandoned in a church parking lot, very underweight, and as we soon learned, in a later stage of cancer.

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