More than Rescue – Ollie

Ollie was found abandoned in a church parking lot. He was dangerously underweight, with matted fur and sores. After entering our program and seeing one of our vet partners, Los Robles Animal Hospital, Ollie was diagnosed with late stage cancer. At first, his prognosis was bleak, so his generous and loving foster mom team Shannon Colavecchio and Jen Mickley decided to help him live his best life in his final days.

They showered him with yummy foods, arranged for several LCHS fosters to come together to fill literal swimming pools with tennis balls – his favorite toy, and brought him along on all their adventures. They even moved up their Christmas photo shoot – so Ollie would be included.

After being showered with love, support, and TLC, Ollie has rallied. What went from somber final days has turned into 6 months of healthy and happy days ahead of him with a foster family turned forever family. He rests easy knowing he wont face the end alone.

More than Rescue is what happens after an animal enters our program. We commit to them and their needs, to humane care, to quality of life and advocate for them as if they’re owned, because for now, they are ours. Each dog in our program lives in a loving foster home so that they don’t sit in a kennel. Each foster opens their heart to the dogs as if they are their own pets, until they pass the leash or, in this case, can’t stay longer.

We can’t say enough, we love our fosters. We love their compassion, their commitment, and the way that opening their hearts inspires positive change in the lives of not only the dogs but in the lives of those around them.

We are grateful to our supporters, who allow us to offer this type of humane and compassionate care. If you are able, please consider donating to support our mission to Rescue, Rehabilitate, and Educate, so we can continue to be there for dogs like Ollie alongside our many, many adoptable dogs.