More than Rescue – A Day in the Life

This video follows members of staff through their day.

Some days are puppy kisses and kitten snuggles, some days are messy and gross, some days are rewarding and special, some days are impossibly hard, and some days manage to be all of the above. We hope you enjoy this video, it has ups and downs just like our days at and outside the office. Hopefully it offers insight to what the day to day looks like, and how we keep moving forward for the animals. There’s always an animal in need, and as overwhelming as that fact is, we love being there as often as we can.

No one on staff considers themselves on or off the clock, we just respond to as many needs as we can. If you call our office and we don’t pick up, we may have our hands full with a flea infested cat, or be testing incoming kittens for feline leukemia, or assisting a member of the community with pet food, or comforting a scared dog. Each and every day is filled with advocacy, hard work, and perseverance, with saving lives being our focus.

Our office has been closed to the public during COVID-19, but our hands have stayed just as full serving our community out of passion. Leon County Humane Society receives no city or state funding. We’re independently run by those who have passion for rescue in their hearts. Our fundraisers go directly toward our mission to Rescue, Rehabilitate, and Educate, and every dollar truly makes a difference. If you are unable to donate, (or already have! <3 ) please consider sharing, leaving a comment, or a like!

Thank you for joining us and for following our More than Rescue campaign.