T-Shirt Fundraiser

It’s Cats vs Dogs, and we want to see who wins!

Order a t-shirt and choose your team: Cat Person or Dog Person and we will find out once and for all

who is most popular.

Can’t pick, because you love all animals? Choose “Friend to the Animals” & get both! For being a friend, we will throw in two full color stickers that are waterproof and durable for you to show off all over town. They’re each 4 inches and perfect for water bottles, laptops, cars, notebooks, ect!

We weren’t sure who would win – cats or dogs, and honestly – we wanted both. Thanks to Clothesline, our local screenprinter, we were able to offer the choice by taking pre-orders!

Your shirt(s) will ship or be available for pick-up within 4 weeks, and your donation helps us rescue more animals in need!